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About us – History

Како настана Тимас?

Our History


Timas is basic as a small family market, in line with the increase in sales volume and the number of buyers in the market expanded and modernized with new equipment.


Timas opens the market number 2. The purpose of Timas is always to increase spending towards direct contact with customers. Joint collaboration with customers and distributors begin to contribute to accomplish our goals and to expand our business and wholesale.


We are making the biggest step in the development, starting and accomplished the start of sales of aluminum foil and produce it. Later that year, followed by the import and production of baking paper, stretch film and producing it.



We conducted expanding the range of products for household and catering services.


Buying new equipment and modernization of production of aluminum foil.


We begin with the production of paper trays.


We begin with the production of napkins.


ВMoving in its own manufacturing plant.

Our processes

#01. Planing

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#02. Design

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#03. Exploring

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#04. Testing

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